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On a Drive
On a Drive
Redd was a professional chauffeur.  He'd been on this job for five years and going, driving limos, vans, taxis even buses.  He was something of an old hand.  He'd driven rowdy partiers, eager prom goers, an aristocrat or too, he'd seen it all.
Or so he thought.
Today started like any other.  He'd been hired by a couple of rich kids at Beacon.  Go to the opposite side of town for some shopping.  Easy as pie.  
But there was a snag... 
Redd glanced in his rear view mirror and groaned in desperation.  He'd been driving for a while now, but couldn't stop anywhere.  He hadn't been told their final destination yet.  Normally he'd ask his passengers where they'd like to go... 
...But looking at the two of them, slumped against each and fast asleep, he figured interrupting THAT would get him in more trouble than missing a stop or two.  The white haired girl was resting against the blue haired kid's should
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In the Dorm
Nights were surprisingly calm in the JNPR dorm.  For all her spastic nature, Nora loved her sleep.  And Ren, often the one dealing with Nora's spastic nature directly, also enjoyed his sleep.  As such, both of them tended to fall asleep quite early.  
They also had one sleep related habit, one that surprised their two roomates at first.  (But they let it go real quick)
Nora, snorted awake.  "Mmmuffinnnss..."  She muttered, glancing around.  Everyone else in the dorm was asleep in their own beds too.  She wanted to go back to sleep too, but her thirst made her get up.  
After a quick quenching, she returned to the beds.  Not bothering to go around the rectangular structure, she just lifted the blanket and crawled under, wiggling her way to the pillows.  When her head popped out of the blanket, she snuggled in close to Ren and went back to sleep.  Ren's only response was to shift his arms a little to get more comfortable an
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On The Couch
On The Couch
A RWBY fic
Sun closed the window shutters.  "Brrrr!  I guess Menagerie can get as cold as Vacuo at night."  He commented.  Still shivering from head to tail, he flopped down on the couch next to Blake, who was once again nose deep in a book.  
"Maybe if you closed that shirt?"  Blake suggested.
"Blasphemy!"  Sun scoffed.  Then he got an evil look his face.  "Besides..."  He subtly wrapped an arm around Blake's shoulder and pulled her into an embrace.  "I prefer warming up like this!"  
Blake blinked in surprise.  "These are unauthorized snuggles."  She noted, bemused.  She didn't say to stop, so Sun just kept his arms around her.  
They stayed like that, keeping each other warm in the desert night.  Eventually, Blake felt Sun drift to sleep.  It would have been simple to extricate herself from his arms, but there'd be no harm in letting him keep her warm a while longer.  
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In the Park
In the Park
A RWBY fic
"Thank you for showing me around town, Ruby!"  Penny looked around the city of Vale, eagerly taking in the  sights that were so new to her.  They were in a park not far from Beacon.  
Ruby smiled as she walked alongside her friend.  "No problem Penny.  I'm just glad you got a chance to see the town.  I thought you weren't allowed out."  
Penny laughed nervously.  "Oh, you don't have to worry.  It should be fine if we don't draw attention to ourselves."  
"Draw attention?"  Ruby tilted her head in thought.  "What do yo-eehhhhAAAAHHHH!"  She interrupted herself with a massive yawn.  
"Are you all right?"  Penny asked.
"Oh, I'm fine.  No one in the dorms got much sleep last night."  Ruby explained.  "not naming names, but SOMEONE put a hole through a ceiling on our floor."  
"You should have stayed home if you were so tired!"  Penny exclaimed.  
Ruby shrugge
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Spider-man's Goddess Ch. 6
Spider-Man’s Goddess
Ch. 6
Everyone in the room spun at the cry.  Iron Fist was writhing in his seat, hands clutching at his head like he was trying to keep it from exploding.  Before anyone could react, he fell from his chair and lay still on the floor.  
Power Man hurried to check on him.  “Danny?  Danny, what’s wrong?”  
“We need a medic in here, ASAP!”  Nick ordered as Iron Man ran a scan on Iron… Fist.  (Good thing these guys don’t go by their first names.)    
“His vitals are normal, and there’s no sign of injury, except where he fell out of the chair.”  Tony noted.  “I have no idea what happened.”  
As the group waited for a medic, Power Man noticed something.  “Yo, hold up!  What’s up with his hand?”  Iron Fist’s
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Femnization Crisis: Techno Ninja
"Hold it, Drone Dome!"  The slim framed Techno Ninja leapt from his position on the video game factory  rooftop to confront his foe. His long scarf fluttering in the wind, yet never getting in his face somehow.  
Drone Dome, clad in his "Dullifier" suit, turned to face his archenemy.  "Techno Ninja!  You won't stop me this time!  I WILL destroy all video games, all cell phones, all internet!  Children's minds will be corrupted no longer!"  
"There's NEVER been any scientific evidence of that, Drone Dome!"  Techno Ninja pointed out.  "And until you get that lesson through your outdated skull, I'l have to keep stopping you!"  He pulled out his game controller themed nunchuks and started twirling them, somehow never hitting himself, despite their weird design.  
Drone Dome laughed.  "Not today!  Today, I have a new toy from my new backer!"  Drone Dome thrust his Dullifier ray gun forward and fired.  
Techno Ni
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Misadventures In Celadon: What a Pear
Misadventures in Celadon
"However, I feel I cannot simply give a badge away without a win.  Will you listen to my request?"  Erika reached into her pocket.  "Please, eat this pear!"  
"Ash shrugged.  "okay!"  He took the pear and bit into it.  
Suddenly, Ash became a pear himself!
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Pokemon Colosseum Ch. 28
Pokémon Colosseum
Ch. 28
It didn’t take long for Rui and Plusle to find the fighting.  The sounds of battle could be heard from clear across Agate Village, and occasionally the earth shook.  When they arrived, the scene they found could be best described as “chaos”.  
There were over a dozen battles already broken out, and more starting every minute.  The town’s residents had engaged Team Cipher grunts, along with a few other random thugs, in several battles.  The attackers had taken up position at a water fall near the center of town, and were holding it with all they had.  Things seemed pretty even, though the seniors actually seemed to be gaining ground.  
Rui spotted Nurse Joy and Chansey running around, healing Pokémon and helping the occasional winded elderly.  “Nurse Joy!”  Rui ran to catch up with her.  “What’s going on here?”  
“Rui?  What are you-?
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Misadventures In Celadon OKAY! Moving On!
Misadventures in Celadon
"...SO ANYWAY!  What about that gym battle?!"  Misty changed the subject with a nervous laugh.
"Ah, that's right.  We never got to finish!"  Ash gasped.  
Erika stroked her chin in thought.  "Hmm..."
"I guess you'll have to try again tomorrow.  Your Pokemon are all exhausted, right?"  Brock pointed out.  
"Not all of them!"  
"Well Pikachu sure is!"  Misty gave the mouse a gentle stroke on the head.  "And unless you think you can control Primeape, your only other choice is Squirtle!"  
Ash twitched in thought.  Even he could see the issues with that.
"Oh come one!"  Janine interrupted.  "We never would have caught those goons if not for Ash!(Misty:  "Goons?"  Brock:  "Team Rocket again.")  And they fought to a tie!  Isn't that worth a badge?"  
"Uh, yeah!"  Ash agreed.
"At some point Ash, you're actually gonna have to start winning y
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Misadventures In Celadon: Wut?
Misadventures in Celadon
Erika tilted her head in confusion.  "Misty, where did you find that dress?"
"Huh?"  Misty turned from her argument.  "In that big closet near the kitchen."  
"We don't have a kitchen in this gym."  Erika explained.  "And we don't have a closest of costumes either."  
1.  Misty turned and dashed back to the location she had fought Bowser.  The others were hot on her heels.
2.  "...SO ANYWAY!  What about that gym battle?!"  Misty changed the subject with a nervous laugh.  Misadventures In Celadon  OKAY!  Moving On!
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Misadventures In Celadon: Rabbles Roused
Misadventures in Celadon
Misty stomped over to Ash.  "Ash Ketchum!  This whole mess is your fault!"
"My fault?!  What are you talking about?" Ash shot back.  "And what's with that weird dress?"  
"YOu said you were going to go find help!  No one ever showed up!"  Misty continued.  "I had to wander around looking until I found a store room of costumes!"  
"Weel you should have chosen a clown costume!"  
"Why you little-do you have any idea how much trouble I went through?"
"How is that my fault?"
"It's all because of you!"
Brock and the others watched this exchange take place.  "It's like a pair of seagulls in conversation, huh?"  He noted.  
1.  Erika tilted her head in confusion.  "Misty, where did you find that dress?"  Misadventures In Celadon:  Wut?
2.  A thought occurred to Janine.
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Misadventures In Celadon: Back Again
Misadventures in Celadon
"This is gonna be one heck of a story, huh, Pikachu?"  Misty noted.  The high heels were too big now, so she too them off and left them in the costume room.  
Misty decided to do the smart thing and look at the front desk.  Someone should be there.
"....Anyone feel like we're forgetting something?"  Janine noted.
"......AH!!  We completely forgot about Misty!!"  Ash noted.  
"Darn right you did!"  
Ash, Brock, Janine and Erika turned at the yell.  Misty was stomping toward them, making an impressive amount of noise considering she was only wearing stockings.  He face was was unreadable.  She could have been furious or calm for all they could tell.  
1.  Misty stomped over to Ash.  "Ash Ketchum!  This whole mess is your fault!"  Misadventures In Celadon:
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Misadventures In Celadon: Misty Returns!
Misadventures in Celadon
"Let's go find the others!"  Misty turned to leave... and tripped over the hem of her skirt.  
"Ow....  What the?  Why is this skirt so long?"  Actually, the whole dress felt too big.  Including her gloves and shoes.  "Wait..."  She pulled a lock of hair forward.  It was the familiar bright red she had been born with.  "I'm back to normal!"  
Picking herself up, Misty pulled up her skirt and ran to find the others.  
1.  MEANWHILE, with the Koopa King himself...
2.  "This is gonna be one heck of a story, huh, Pikachu?"  Misadventures In Celadon:  Back Again
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Misadventures In Celadon: Misty Mallet!
Misadventures in Celadon
"I'm NOT Princess Peach!!"  Misty-Peach felt her anger explode!  She reached into her sleeve and pulled out....
...A HUGE @$$ MOFO-ING MALLET!!  It was as big around as a redwood tree, and taller than a doubledecker bus!  But despite it's size, Misty-Peach was handling it like a Styrofoam bat!  
"What the?!  That's not what's supposed to happen!!"  Bowser cowered.  "Peach's power is-"
"I just said-"  Misty swung the mallet with all her might.  "-I'm not PEACH!!!!"  
The massive mallet collided with the Koopa King, sending him flying through the air.  He flew like a baseball, screaming in fear and pain all the way.  
"That takes care of him!"  Misty let go of the mallet, letting it disappear.  
"Pika..."  Pikachu jumped onto her shoulder.  "Chu, pikapi!"  It chirped in a congratulatory tone.  
"Thanks Pikachu!"  Misty sighed.  "Now..."  She turned around
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Misadventures In Celadon: Ultimatum
Misadventures in Celadon
She found Bowser and Pikachu chasing each other around the hall, flames and lightning flying.  "Hold it!!"  
Bowser and Pikachu froze, immediately recognizing the aura surrounding Misty-Peach.  
"You'd better just surrender, turtle!"  Misty-Peach ordered.  "Or I'll have to get rough with you!"  She cracked her knuckles.  Or tried to.  It was hard to do in silk gloves.  
"Hah!"  Bowser huffed.  "No way any power YOU have is a real threat to me, Princess Peach!"  
1.  "We'll see about that!"
2.  "I'm NOT Princess Peach!!"  Misadventures In Celadon:  Misty Mallet!
:iconleoryff:leoryff 2 5
Misadventures In Celadon: A Taste of Power
Misadventures in Celadon
Misty-Peach didn't know what it was, but she felt herself drawn to it.  With a mighty leap, she wrapped her arms around the ball and felt it absorb into her body.  "Wha....
"I feel so amazing for some reason!  Like I'm more powerful than I've ever been!"  Brimming with confidence, Misty-Peach made her way out the door to confront Bowser.  
1.  And that confidence was promptly shattered as a thrown Pikachu collided with her head.  The glowing ball popped out of her body and resumed floating.
2.  She found Bowser and Pikachu chasing each other around the hall, flames and lightning flying.  "Hold it!!"  Misadventures In Celadon:  Ultimatum
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Doggle by emily-lorange Doggle :iconemily-lorange:emily-lorange 31 3
2017 Hypnosis Contest!!!
Its that time! Another year another hypnosis contest!
The goal is to draw my new character, Susan, being hypnotized!

(Shes 26, fairly level-headed, and very rational with a hint of cynicism. Her hair is tied in a ponytail, and shes a lil bit chubby, although i'm not great at drawing chub so it might not show as much as id like it too :P)
The Rules
* All submission must be your own work, no bases allowed
* Stories are allowed
* NSFW is allowed
* SFW is fine to submit
* All submissions must involve Susan being hypnotized in some way
* Multiple submissions are allowed
The Prizes
1st Place: $40 USD (Or dA point equivalent)
2nd Place: $20 USD (Or dA point equivalent)
3rd Place: $10 USD (Or dA point equivalent)
All prizes will be given via PayPal or dA points
How to Submit
To submit, comment on this journal with your entry or entries. Alternatively, you can a
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