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Ya Think?
Ya Think?  
A mid swap fic for YukiTheEldra
On a calm winter day in a vacant lot in the town of Nerima, Happosai, the most infamous lech in the world, was cooking something up.  Literally.  He was stirring a boiling pot of light green liquid.  Eventually he seemed satisfied with the concoction, ladling some into a thermos.  "Perfect!  Now to find a thirsty young lady.  Hehe!"  He cracked.  "Hmm, but the local girls probably wouldn't take anything from me.  Perhaps an out of towner..."  
"Where am I?!"  Minako crumpled her map in frustration.  "I'm going to miss Ami's speech if I don't find that convention hall!"  Sailor V sighed and stuffed the map into her coat pocket.  "I should have just gone with the rest of the guys."
"Why so frazzled, young lady?"  A withered old man hobbled forward on his cane.
"Oh, I just got a little turned around."  Minako admitted.  "See, my friend is speaking at the c
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Mature content
Light's Harem: Samus and the Obviously Not A Trap :iconleoryff:leoryff 6 16
Pokemon Colosseum Ch. 30
Pokémon Colosseum
Ch.  30
Wes, Rui and Eagun stood around Hariyama, examining it carefully.  The fighting type had taken a seat on the ground to rest after the battle.
"Hmm..."  Eagun stroked his beard in thought.  "There can be no doubt.  Whichever way I look at it, this is just a regular Pokémon."  He concluded.
Rui squinted at Hariyama from multiple angles and distances.  "There's no trace of that aura at all!  And it's not acting the least bit hostile!"
Hariyama shuffled awkwardly under their combined scrutiny.  "Yama?"
"Huh?  Oh, I'm sorry!  This must be so confusing!"  Rui patted Hariyama's head (which she could only reach because it was sitting down) in a supportive gesture.  "You did great today!"  
"Hari!"  Hariyama blushed at the praise.
"Please stop coddling my Pokémon."  Wes finally spoke.  "Again."  Rui just ;p'd at him and stepped back.  "Hariyama, do you remember
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Monkey Fight in Space!
The spaceship had come out of nowhere.  Enormous and armed to the teeth.  Its intent was already pretty obvious before its captain sent a message out.  
"Weaklings dwelling on this pathetic planet!  Know we are here to take all you have!  Your riches, your resources, and your lives!  I send this message not out of mercy or to offer surrender.  If you have warriors, we wish them to be well prepared.  After all, there is little sport in simply destroying you outright.  You have three of your solar days."  
The message ended with a sadistic laugh that chilled listeners to the bone.  While the general population started to panic, the planet's defenders sprung into action.  A direct assault on such a heavily armed vessel was doomed to failure, so they hastily came up with a less conspicuous method.
"Monkey Team!  Our mission is to board that ship and take out its power supply."  Chiro declared, pointing at the ship mainta
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Game Over: Regal Finish
Game Over:  Regal Ending
Lan ran down the walkway overlooking Nebula's SoulNet system.  This device would allow Regal to send the minds of people into chaos.  The massive computer servers hummed with electricity, almost as if they were eager to start their work.  "We're going to stop it, right Megaman?"  
"Right, Lan!"  Megaman answered from his PET.  Everyone had sacrificed so much to get just the two of them this far.  They couldn't afford to fail!
Suddenly Lan saw a figure lying on the ground.  As he grew closer he recognized it.  "Dad!"  Their father, Yuichiro Hikari, was tied up at the end of the walkway.  He knelt down to check on him.  "Dad, it's us!  Can you hear me?"
Yuichiro stirred.  "L-Lan?"  
"We're here Dad!"  Lan helped his father sit up.  "Where's Regal?"
A voice rang out from above.  "Right here boy."  
Lights suddenly turned on up above. Standing on a podium was Dr Rega
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Dangan Proposals
In a World Without Ultimate Despair
Spoilers for DanganRonpa
The Traditional
"You were right Makoto, this view really is impressive."  Kirigiri admired the view from the top of the school. She'd never bothered coming up here when they were at school, but Naegi’s new faculty position seemed to allow him insight of the school they’d never had before.
"Y-yeah."  Naegi sputtered and fidgeted, looking around at everything except for her.  Kirigiri couldn't help but smirk.  He'd been just like this the day he asked her on their first date. He'd grown up a bit since their school days, but some things never changed.  Still, even though she had a decent idea for why he brought her up here, she also knew that this had probably taken a lot of courage and planning to do this.  The least she could do was let him go at his own pace,
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the both of them, Naegi spoke up.  "A-actually, I didn't just call you here
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Battle of the Bears!
Battle of the Bears!
P4/DR Crossover
((Spoilers abound for each game))
"Boy, this place sure has changed."  Teddie noted as he waddled along in the TV world.  The once bleak and fog filled danger zone now resembled a sunny paradise more than anything else.  
But a lot of it was unexplored, so when Yosuke had snapped and told him "Just go take a walk somewhere and let me work!" he decided to take the initiative and see what was around.  
"Still, Yosuke didn't have to get THAT angry!  It was just a small display I knocked over."  Teddie sighed in exasperation for his quirky friend.  "He's lucky I'm patient enough to BEAR his temper tantrums!"  He giggled at his own joke and kept walking.  
His initial plan had been to explore until he found something interesting to impress the others with.  Remind everyone of how amazing he was.  That idea, however, was quickly becoming less feasible. For a world inside a TV based on the human mind,
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Pokemon Colosseum Ch. 29
Pokémon Colosseum
Ch.  29
“Steal…?”  Rui walked over to Wes.  “What are you talking about?  What happened to ‘it’s not my problem’, huh?”  She asked furiously.  
“Shaddup.”  Wes scoffed.  “It occurred to me that gathering a few rare Pokémon before I go would be a good idea!  And what’s more rare than a Shadow Pokémon?”  
“Only a decent excuse from you…”  Rui muttered.  “Dummy…”  She wiped at her eyes.
Wes stared for a moment.  “Are… are you crying?”  
“NOT CAUSE OF YOU!”  Rui exclaimed.  “My neck still hurts a little, that’s all!”  She turned away and finished wiping her tears.  “…We were in real trouble here, because you left.”  She explained.  
“It seems like you’re ALWAYS in t
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Top Ten Character Themes Pt. 3
Top Ten Character Themes Part 3
Zelda's Lullaby.  The main theme for Princess Zelda since Ocarina of Time, and has been used in several games since then.  The regular version is so serene, but people have come up with versions for every occasion!  Even metal versions!  
Ezio's Family.  Used for Ezio himself and his interactions with his family and loved ones.  If you're not familiar with Assassin;s Creed, I can't talk much more about this.  There would be spoilers.  But this song represents Ezio's serenity in his whole series.  
Coming up on Number 1!  But first, a few honorable mentions!  
Number 1 (Ichigo from Bleach)
Byrne (To the rescue)  (Byrne from LoZ Spirit Tracks
In your belief   (Asura's Wrath) 
Big Band theme  (Big Band from Skullgirls 
Kuja Theme  (Kuja from FF9)  
Now finally, NUMBER ONE!!!
Godzilla's theme.  ALL OF THEM!  
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Top Ten Character Themes Pt. 2
Ryuko's theme.  There's just something so up beat about this one.  And that upswing(?) part is just perfect for all kinds of situations.  Suits Ryuko just perfectly.  Also, it took me forever to realize this was a seperate theme and not an instrumental to "Before my Body is Dry."  
But most of you didn't know I was into Persona, huh?  Reach Out to the Truth is technically just one of the battle themes, but in the spin offs of Persona 4, it is usually used as the character theme for Yu Narakami.  So I am counting it!  ;p
....DO I really need to explain this one?  Though I have to ask, has anyone else noticed that the tune to Imperial March is very similar to "Spoon Full of Sugar";s tune?  ....Was Poppins a sith lord!?  
As some of you may have recently noticed, I am a RWBY fan.  And the music is all kick ass.  I had a hard time picking a single character theme among the main team, but this
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Top Ten Character Themes Pt. 1
Top Ten Character themes
Pt. 1
Since I need something to cool off during down time this week, how about another top ten?  Character themes are the music that personifies a character in music form.  It could be as simple as a few bars played when they appear, to an entire theme song.
I will be judging these based on how much I enjoy the songs themselves and whether or not it fits the character that well.  Technical stuff like composition and instrument combos are a little outside my sphere of knowledge.  So don't expect any deep examinations into the mechanics of music.
I just listen to what I enjoy.
Let me tell ya something brotha, character themes don't just apply to fictional characters.  Hogan's theme really resonants with me right now, what with all the political crap that the world is going through right now.  Fight for what's right, stand up for what's important to you.  What can be more American than that? But it's only number 10 bec
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Martian Web!
Cindy Moon/Silk and Rei Hino/Sailor Mars switch bodies for a day due to a soul switching youma.
Tangled Web
A Sailor Moon/Marvel comics crossover for Movie-Man
Cindy Moon landed on all fours, her portal closing behind her.  "...I think it's safe."  She said aloud.  She wasn't really talking to anyone, but like Peter Parker and the rest of the (rather extended) Spider Family, Silk liked to talk.  
Still, given how much of a mess her life had been (not that she remembered a point in her life that HADN'T been a mess), she actually enjoyed the quiet she was experiencing on this random rooftop wherever the heck she was.  It was relaxing. It was therapeutic.  It was-
It was just like home.  
"What was that?"  Silk ran to the edge of the building and looked to the street below.  There was a school girl with pale skin and raven hair fighting what looked like a woman cosplaying an old PC.  The PC threw a mo
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Misadventures In Celadon: Berried Alive
Misadventures in Celadon
It was berries knocked from the trees.  "Huh?  What caused that?"  Brock wondered.
Pikachu took a quick bite of an Oran berry and pulled back in shock.  "Chhhhaaa..."  
"Not ripe yet, Pikachu?"  
As Pikachu and the various grass types looked for some edible berries, the four trainers quickly located Jumpluff.  "Oh no, how'd it get up there?"  Misty asked worriedly.  "Ash, go get it down!"  
"What?  Why me?"  
"I can't do it in this dress!"  Misty pointed out.  
1.  Grumbling, Ash started to climb the tree.  
2.  Janine stepped forward.  "Just leave it to a ninja!"
:iconleoryff:leoryff 2 7
Misadventures In Celadon: Make it Rain
Misadventures in Celadon
The four trainers blinked in surprise as something rained down on them.  
1.  It was Stun Spore!
2.  Sleep powder knocked them all out before they could react.
3.  It was berries knocked from the trees.   Misadventures In Celadon:  Berried Alive
:iconleoryff:leoryff 2 8
Misadventures In Celadon: Attack Branch
Misadventures in Celadon
In a panic, Jumpluff released an attack.  The attack spread in random directions.  
1.  The four trainers blinked in surprise as something rained down on them.  Misadventures In Celadon:  Make it Rain
2.  Those poor trees.
:iconleoryff:leoryff 2 7
Misadventures In Celadon: Stuck-luff
Misadventures in Celadon
Soon, Jumpluff got snagged on a branch.   "Lufff...!"  
It struggled and pulled.  Normally in the wild the rest of the Jumpluff flock (herd?) would come to the individual's aid.  However, this one was alone.  It's voice too soft to cry out, it pulled at the tree branch with all its might.  "Jump..."  
1.  "Wait, are we missing one?"  
2.  In a panic, Jumpluff released an attack.  Misadventures In Celadon:  Attack Branch
:iconleoryff:leoryff 2 7


3 Hazuki and Marina Suikoden as Aiz and He by mattwilson83 3 Hazuki and Marina Suikoden as Aiz and He :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 22 4 Animal Planet: Pluto by Shivita Animal Planet: Pluto :iconshivita:Shivita 3,207 230 Geisha by buttjeeeks Geisha :iconbuttjeeeks:buttjeeeks 74 3 COM Suikoden Cecile School Days by SoraWolf7 COM Suikoden Cecile School Days :iconsorawolf7:SoraWolf7 14 2 2 suikoden - Odessa,  Erin, as Mon mothma, Ahsoka by mattwilson83 2 suikoden - Odessa, Erin, as Mon mothma, Ahsoka :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 14 5 8-14 Requests by Black--Wave 8-14 Requests :iconblack--wave:Black--Wave 21 8 Hula Ashley by EMLC3690 Hula Ashley :iconemlc3690:EMLC3690 9 10 Breath of the Wild: Alternate Ending by WhicheverComa Breath of the Wild: Alternate Ending :iconwhichevercoma:WhicheverComa 57 13 Commission-Suikoden: Visual Pun by LightHigari
Mature content
Commission-Suikoden: Visual Pun :iconlighthigari:LightHigari 56 15
7 Yohn-Suikoden as Toriel-Undertale by mattwilson83 7 Yohn-Suikoden as Toriel-Undertale :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 15 7 Fundraiser Drawing- Maid Mischief by Black--Wave Fundraiser Drawing- Maid Mischief :iconblack--wave:Black--Wave 18 1
Saber Boy (Sk8er Boi song parody)
“Saber Boy”
Tune: "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne -
He was a boy
From Tatooine
Can I make it any more obvious?
He buys a droid
To help him out
A message pops out
To figure out
What the message means
He goes to see Obi-Wan Kenobi
He tells the boy
He’ll be a Jedi
Gives him a weapon that’s made out of light
He was a saber boy
Be a Jedi later boy
Whatever is he gonna do?
Rescue the princess far
And blow up the big Death Star
He will defeat Darth Vader soon
Three years from now
Luke is on Hoth
Hiding away from the Empire’s stalk
In a vision
He sees old Ben
“Seek Master Yoda and train with him”
On Dagobah
Luke starts to train
Sees his friends in danger and flies away
Vader finds him
Cuts off his hand
Then says to Luke “I am your dad!”
He was a saber boy
Found out he was Vader’s boy
Whatever is he gonna do?
Rescue the Solo guy
And watch Master Yoda die
Then he will face his father too
He was a
:iconesmeamelia:EsmeAmelia 2 4
Doggle by emily-lorange Doggle :iconemily-lorange:emily-lorange 33 3
2017 Hypnosis Contest!!!
Its that time! Another year another hypnosis contest!
The goal is to draw my new character, Susan, being hypnotized!

(Shes 26, fairly level-headed, and very rational with a hint of cynicism. Her hair is tied in a ponytail, and shes a lil bit chubby, although i'm not great at drawing chub so it might not show as much as id like it too :P)
The Rules
* All submission must be your own work, no bases allowed
* Stories are allowed
* NSFW is allowed
* SFW is fine to submit
* All submissions must involve Susan being hypnotized in some way
* Multiple submissions are allowed
The Prizes
1st Place: $40 USD (Or dA point equivalent)
2nd Place: $20 USD (Or dA point equivalent)
3rd Place: $10 USD (Or dA point equivalent)
All prizes will be given via PayPal or dA points
How to Submit
To submit, comment on this journal with your entry or entries. Alternatively, you can a
:iconnakatnight:NakAtNight 7 31
Bad Suggestion by aquanut Bad Suggestion :iconaquanut:aquanut 465 188 leoryff oc  join boobies by hunter4545
Mature content
leoryff oc join boobies :iconhunter4545:hunter4545 9 2


Ya Think?  
A mid swap fic for YukiTheEldra

On a calm winter day in a vacant lot in the town of Nerima, Happosai, the most infamous lech in the world, was cooking something up.  Literally.  He was stirring a boiling pot of light green liquid.  Eventually he seemed satisfied with the concoction, ladling some into a thermos.  "Perfect!  Now to find a thirsty young lady.  Hehe!"  He cracked.  "Hmm, but the local girls probably wouldn't take anything from me.  Perhaps an out of towner..."  

"Where am I?!"  Minako crumpled her map in frustration.  "I'm going to miss Ami's speech if I don't find that convention hall!"  Sailor V sighed and stuffed the map into her coat pocket.  "I should have just gone with the rest of the guys."

"Why so frazzled, young lady?"  A withered old man hobbled forward on his cane.

"Oh, I just got a little turned around."  Minako admitted.  "See, my friend is speaking at the convention hall today, and I've lost my way."

"Oh yes, this town can be very confusing if you aren't used to it."  The old man pulled out a thermos.  "I was about to have some warm tea.  Perhaps a cup would calm your mind?"  He poured some of the "tea" into the lid and handed it to the Sailor Scout.

"Oh, uh, thank you sir."  The sudden gift caught Minako off guard, but she accepted it, not wanting to be rude.  Besides, it was a little cold out.  A warm drink would be nice.

Happosai waited until the woman before him put the lid to her lips before going to drink from the thermos himself.  But when he reached for the drink, it was gone!  He searched around for the thermos before the sound of heavy gulping made him turn.

There was Ranma Satome, chugging his potion.  "Urg, who taught you how to make tea, geezer?"  Ranma grunted as he finished.  "That was terrible."  At that the boy tossed the thermos to the ground where it clattered at Happosai' s feet, empty.

Happosai clenched his fists and grit his teeth in anger.  "Do you know how long it took me to make that?"  He reached into his robe and was about to pull out one of his fire bombs.  "You little brat?!" Ranma braced himself to dodge the bomb...

....but both martial artists were surprised when the empty thermos lid suddenly bounced off of Ranma' s head.

"You rude prick!"  Minako snapped.  "First you steal this man's drink and then you insult him?  Were you raised by a bear or something?"  Both Happosai and Ranma were stunned.  People were never indignant on the old lech's behalf that so neither of them was sure how to react.

Ranma was the first to recover.  "Listen blondie, you must be new around here.  This old coot has-"

"I don't care what kind of pointless grudge you might have, you're still stealing from someone!"  Minako interrupted.  "What kind of brute are you?"  

"Brute?  I'll have you know Ranma Satome is no brute!"  Ranma snapped.  

"And Minako Aino knows a brute when she sees one!"  Sailor V snapped back.

Happosai snapped out his stupor.  "Wait, does that count as an introduction?!"  He wondered aloud.

The blonde haired girl turned to look at him
 "Huh?  What are you babbling about old man?"  She asked in a sharp tone.

"Don't talk like that to him!  Honestly, where is your sense of decorum?"  The black haired boy snarled at the girl.  Then he blinked in surprise.  "Huh?  What's wrong with my voice?"  Then he got a good look at the blonde across from him.  "Wh-wh-wh-WHAT THE?!"  

"Huh?  Now what's your damage, lady...?"  The blonde girl looked over and squawked in surprise.  "What the hell?  Why am I standing over there?"  She asked, pointing at Ranma's face.

"That's MY question!  Why am looking at my own face?"  Minako looked down at her body.  Her skirt and jacket were replaced by coat and pants the boy had been wearing.  She reached around and felt for her blonde locks and found a key black pigtail instead.  Finally she patted her chest.  Flat and muscly.


“Oh, I guess it did count as an introduction…”  Happosai sighed.  “Darn, and after I went to all that tro-GAH!”  

Happosai was hoisted up by his collar to look Minako(?) straight in the face.  “All right, spill it geezer!  What was in that drink?”  

“Well you see, I found a recipe for body swapping at Little Cologne’s place the other day.”  Happosai explained.  “I honestly wasn’t sure it would work, but I guess it did!”  He pointed to the two of them.  “Ranma is now Minako and Minako is now Ranma!”  

Ranma (in Minako’s body) growled at him.  “You’ve done some real class acts, geezer but this is-“  Suddenly Happosai was snatched out of his/her hands.  

“Wait a minute!”  Minako (in Ranma’s body) held the old man by the shoulders.  “Were you planning on doing this to you and me?”  

“Well of course!”  Happosai explained.  “None of the girls in town would ever take a drink from me.”  He was so matter of fact when he said it that it was Minako’s turned to be stunned.  

“You…”  Minako(in Ranma’s body) lifted Happosai over her/his head and tossed him down an alley.  “YOU TRASH OLD MAN!” Ranma’s body sent to old lech flying into a trash can, sending them both rolling into a wall.  

“See what I was talking about?”  Ranma (Minako’s body) pointed out kicking at a pile of half melted snow in annoyance.  “If that old perv had gotten your body, who knows what might have happened.”  When he/she didn’t get a response he/she looked over.

Minako (Ranma form) was looking at her hands in shock.  “Wow…”  She/he looked at the damaged caused by their throw.  “What amazing strength.  Even Makoto isn’t that strong!”  Out of curiosity she/he pulled up their coat sleeve.  The arm didn’t look like much, but when she/he flexed it, muscles brimmed.  

“….What are you doing?”  Ranma (Mina Form) asked cautiously.  

Minako (Ran Form) was lost in thought.  “This guy is ripped…  No wonder I tossed that guy so far.”  She/he looked down at her/his pants.  Curiosity getting more and more curious.  

“Where are you loo-HEY!”  Ranma (Mina Form) saw Minako’s/his hand start to lift up her shirt and reach down.  “KNOCK IT OFF!”  With all of Minako’s might, Ranma slugged his head. (Her head?  Now I’m getting confused. @.@)  Then clutched his teenage girl hand in pain.  “Owowowowowwww…”  ’I forgot how hard my head is…’

Still, the blow was enough to snap Minako back into focus.  “Sorry!  I lost track of my thoughts there.”  She/he rubbed the spot Ranma had punched.  “You’re really sturdy though.  I hardly felt that!”  

“Or maybe your hand is flimsy…”  Ranma mumbled.  

Minako ignored that.  “…wait.  You aren’t going to try the same thing with my body, are you!?!”  She pointed an accusing finger at Ranma.  

Finally fed up, Ranma scooped a bit of the melting snow off the ground and splashed it over the head of black hair.  “Why would I even need to?”  

“GAH!  That’s cold!”  Minako jumped back in shock and felt a familiar weight bounce on her chest.  “What the…”  She patted her chest again, this time the familiar squish underneath.  “Did I just, I mean, did you just turn into a girl?”  

“It is a very long story.”  Ranma sighed.  

The two… girls stood there, both suddenly very exhausted.  Minako broke the silence.  “Are we going to be able to change back?”  

“Maybe?”  Ranma scratched her head in thought.  “Old lady Cologne’s stuff usually has a reversal or antidote.”

“Why would you want to change back though?”  Happosai asked.  He was holding himself up by clutching the two girls like a gymnast.  Except he was grabbing their boobs.  “I say you’re both perfect just like this!  Don’t ever change you two!”  


With all their might (mostly from Ranma’s body) the two girls punched Happosai into the sky, sending him soaring out of sight.  The two girls stared at each other for a moment.

“Let’s… let’s just find the old lady he stole the recipe from.”  Ranma said.  

“Lead the way.”  Minako agreed.

“…I’m definitely going to miss Ami’s speech.”
I've been awake for the past hour tryign to remember this damn song!  Typed the whole chorus into google and lyric sites!  Got nothing!  Finally remembered that I heard it on a Pokemon AMV.  

FOr the sake of keeping track of it, gonna leave this here.  

You're welcome, music fans.  

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Light’s Harem:  Samus and the Obviously Not a Trap
Contest fic for FossAngel contest
PG-13 version

Samus stared up at the sign above the door.  "No weapons beyond this point".  The door was locked tight, and none of her codes or keys were working.  The only thing that seemed to react was a sensor next to the door.  It had been blinking red ever since the bounty hunter approached.

Samus could only assume that the sensor was keeping the door closed so long as she was armed.  And since she was wearing power armor, she was technically covered in weapons.  She was neck deep in enemy territory, but she NEEDED to get through this door.  With an exasperated sigh, Samus deactivated her armor, letting it vanish and leaving her Zero Suit.  The sensor paused for a second before blinking again.  Annoyed, Samus took her stun pistol from her holster and dropped it on the ground.

The light paused again before turning green.  As expected, the door slid open, revealing a dark room beyond.  

Samus cautiously stepped into the room.  As she reached the center she saw a familiar sight.  "A charging station?"  

Indeed it was a plan old charging station, just like the hundreds of others she'd seen before.  "Pretty heavy security for just a recharge."  Samus noted, stepping onto the platform out of habit.

The station hummed to life, but instead of energy flowing into her, rope like tendrils shot out of the floor.  They wrapped around Samus's ankles so fast the bounty hunter lost her balance and fell face first to the floor.  Her unarmored chest slammed into the ground, knocking the wind out of her.  

Before she could push herself up, more tendrils wrapped around each hand, pulling them apart and pinning her on the floor.  "A trap!"  Samus summoned her armor...

...but it never came.  No matter how much she willed it, the Chozo built armor would not reappear.  "What's going on?"

A giggle came from somewhere behind her.  "That worked perfectly!  And what a great view!"

Samus blushed as she realized what the woman behind her was talking about.  "Who are you?  Do you work for the pirates?"  She tried to turn her head to see her captor.  

A young woman with long silver/grey hair stepped into view.  She was wearing a black cloak that covered every part of her body, but from her footsteps Samus could tell she was wearing some type of heeled shoes.  "Who are you?"  Samus asked again.

The girl knelt down to look her captive in the eyes.  "My name is Light Higari."  She explained.  "And you are correct, the pirates did hire me."  Samus tensed at that, but Light just giggled again.  "Oh don't worry-" she reached out a purple gloved hand to stroke Samus's cheek.  "-part of our deal was that I got to keep you all to myself!  I just have to find a way to get that fancy armor of yours off for good, but that can wait until later..."  Her hand moved from Samus's face down to her shoulder and back, all the way down to her ass, which Light lingered on.

"Keep your hands off!"  Samus snapped, trying to pull away from the woman's touch, but her bindings kept her in place.  

"Oh, but it's such a perfect shape!"  Light actually gave the butt a hug!  

"H-hey!  Stop that!" Samus ordered, her face flushing.  "Get away you... freaking weirdo!"  It was a childish response, but she was more than a little off her game right now.  

Light started to pout.  "There's no need for insults!  We're going to be together for a long time, you and me!"  Then she smirked.  "Don't worry, you'll get used to our new life together soon enough.  Until then, this..." She pulled out something from under her cloak. "...will make things smoother for a while."  

Samus's eyes widened.  It was a ball gag.  A big one.  "Don't you dare!"  She ordered feebly as Light bore down on her.  She clamped her mouth shut to avoid the gag, but Light pinched her nose, forcing her to gasp for air.  Light shoved the gag into her open mouth and tied it around the back of her head.

"Perfect fit!"  Light said.  Samus would have snapped a retort, but the oversized ball of plastic was stretching her jaw to the limit.  Even biting into it as hard as she could barely relieved the pressure.  

Light gave her captive a quick peck on the cheek.  "Let's get you upright, sweetie!" She grabbed the cords around Samus's hands and pulled them up.  They detached from the floor and, before Samus could pull free, were quickly attached to the ceiling above her.

Samus found herself suspended from the ceiling while tied to the floor. Posed like a prize fish caught by the ocean, with Light circling her, admiring the "catch".  And she still couldn't summon her armor.

Light stopped in front of Samus, grinning eagerly.  "Oh, yes, I could stare at this scene for hours, but then..."  Light undid her cloak, letting it drop to the floor.  "...why wait for the fun?"  

Samus could only stare in shock.  Light was clad in what was colloquially known as a "dom" outfit.  Purple colored leather, exposing skin except for the required bits, matching gloves and boots.  She'd never seen one in real life.  (Though a certain private group once offered her a large sum to put one on and pose in photos.  Though she turned them down.)

Samus had always gotten weird attention.  It came with the notoriety.  But she never imagined that attention would follow her here.  

Light pulled out more of the glowing rope.  (From where, Samus had no idea.  Light's suit had less pockets than hers did!)  "Which should we start with?  Something simple?  Or maybe one of my favorites?!"  

Finally coming to a decision, Light wrapped the ropes around Samus's body.  Faster and more complicated than the bounty hunter could comprehend, and riddled with not-so-accidental groping, the ropes were soon all over Samus in a diamond pattern made by crossing the cords.  Most significantly were the diamond shapes placed strategically over the tips of her breasts and a length of rope running between her legs, grinding against her.  

Even with her Zero suit still on Samus could feel the rope pressing into her skin.  

"Now, when I pull on this..."  Light tugged a part of the ropes.  At that pull, half the bindings tightened.  Samus almost squeaked in shock as parts of her body were squeezed by the ropes.

"And this!"  Light pulled a different section of rope, and other parts of Samus's body were squeezed.  The bounty hunter couldn't help but writhe under the pressure.

"But if I pull both..."  Light grabbed the two cords and pulled with all her might.  Samus couldn't hold it in.  She let out a loud squeak through her gag as the ropes dug into her, pressing into her breasts, her ass, and even rubbing against her womanhood.

Light kept up her rope pulling, varying the speed and strength of each tugged.  "That's a nice sound you made!  Make more for me!"  Light instructed.  Though Samus tried to resist, the stimulation from the ropes was too much.  She found herself moaning, gasping and thrashing for what seemed like hours as her captor found new ways to tease and squeeze her with the glowing rope.

Eventually Light stopped, letting Samus's body slump in relief.  She dangled from the ceiling, panting as a line of drool dripped from under the gag onto her chest.  Her body tingled in a mix of pleasure and embarrassment.  

Light leaned close to whisper in Samus's ear.  "See how much fun we can have together?"  She asked before giving Samus another peck on the cheek.  Then she scurried away when Samus's face flushed red and the bounty hunter once again started thrashing in anger.

“Don’t worry; I’m sure we’ll come to an understanding with just a little more playtime!”  Light said as she scurried away.  “Let’s bring some toys into the game!”  She pressed a panel on the wall, and it slid out like a drawer.  “Now, which one…?”  She mused to herself as she starting picking through the contents.  

Samus couldn’t see the “toys” from her position, but when Light pulled out something long and tube like, she was able to put together a decent guess.  She had to get free, but how?  She scanned the room quickly.  Aside from the door there wasn’t much else she could see.  Just the pedestal her feet were tied to and the piping her arm ropes were wrapped around.  

Then she noticed something.  The pipe her hands were tied to was coming loose.  It’s likely that it had been fully attached to the ceiling when Light tied it there, but Samus’s thrashing before must have pulled it out some.  (She DID have enhanced strength even without the suit.)  Knowing this might be her only opportunity; Samus braced herself and pulled with all her might…

Light hummed merrily as she picked out their next plaything.  “Let’s see…  This would do it for both of us.  But a hardy girl like Samus might get more out of the big one.”  She scratched her chin in thought.  She’d already spent several minutes debating what to choose, and it was making her new pet wait!  “Maybe I should get Sammy’s opinion on the next one?  Oh, but I should stay firm for now to maintain my authority.  But still, it’s so hard to choo-“  Light was interrupted when a metal clad hand placed itself on her shoulder.  

One karmic event later...

“Sammy, be a dear and come back?”  

Samus sighed as she fiddled with the lock on the door leading forward.  This misadventure had gone on for too long.  

“Sammy, please?”  

Her body still tingled as it occasionally rubbed against the inside of her armor.  She could ignore it for now, but one way or another; this was going to be in her dreams for a while.  

“As much as I like ropes, this is a little, well…  Sammy?”  

Samus suddenly found herself thinking of all the times the places she had been to had exploded after spending time there.  She casually wondered if this place would explode too.  

“Sammy~ Just untie me and we can start over!  I’m sure we can find some middle ground!”  

Finally the door opened.  Samus stole one last glance at her would be captor before she walked out.  Applying the practical knot tying she’d learned during her military time to a person had been tricky, but she was satisfied with the results.  Light sat on her stomach on the floor, legs and arms tied together behind her back.  Her gloves had been tied around her head as a makeshift blindfold, in order to avoid those staring eyes staring at her.  Staringly.  

“Sammy?  Sammmmmyyyyy!  Please untie me?   Pllleeeeassssee-mph!?”  Samus shoved one of Light’s “toys” into her mouth and left the room.  She wasn’t a cute little monkey bear or alien emu, but Samus might come back and save her later.  

Light's Harem: Samus and the Obviously Not A Trap
Contest entry for :iconfossangelphoenix:'s contest!  PG-13 version!  I will work on a more... shall we say "kinky" version for Fur Affinity later on.  
Pokémon Colosseum

Ch.  30

Wes, Rui and Eagun stood around Hariyama, examining it carefully.  The fighting type had taken a seat on the ground to rest after the battle.

"Hmm..."  Eagun stroked his beard in thought.  "There can be no doubt.  Whichever way I look at it, this is just a regular Pokémon."  He concluded.

Rui squinted at Hariyama from multiple angles and distances.  "There's no trace of that aura at all!  And it's not acting the least bit hostile!"

Hariyama shuffled awkwardly under their combined scrutiny.  "Yama?"

"Huh?  Oh, I'm sorry!  This must be so confusing!"  Rui patted Hariyama's head (which she could only reach because it was sitting down) in a supportive gesture.  "You did great today!"  

"Hari!"  Hariyama blushed at the praise.

"Please stop coddling my Pokémon."  Wes finally spoke.  "Again."  Rui just ;p'd at him and stepped back.  "Hariyama, do you remember anything about being a Shadow Pokémon?  Or something that could have triggered a change?"  Wes asked.  Hariyama tilted its head in thought before shrugging.  "Guess not.  So how do we know what caused the change?"

"Is that not obvious?"  Eagun tapped the rock pillar they'd been protecting with his staff.  "It must have been that light from the Relic Stone!"  

Wes and Rui walked over to the stone. "Why is this thing so important again?"  Rui asked as she brushed some moss off of the top.  

"No one knows the exact story."  Eagun explained.  "Supposedly though this stone was a gift from the legendary Pokémon Celibi to the people of Orre.  Agate Village was built around it.  I'm not sure who started the tradition, but it became a retirement home so that it would always be populated by veteran trainers.  That way the Relic Stone would always be protected."  

"That's... actually kind of clever."  Wes admitted.  "But how does that "cure" Shadow Pokémon?  The Centers can't even detect anything about them."  Eagun stroked his beard in thought, obviously having no answer.

"Hey, why don't you try it with another Shadow Pokémon?"  Rui suggested.  "We can test if it was a fluke and maybe figure out how it works!"  She brushed the moss clear off the round indent on the pillar.  "And if it works all the better, right?"  

Wes contemplated for a moment.  If this stone really could heal Shadow Pokémon, or purify them or whatever, then they'd lose their Shadow Rush and inability to feel pain.  That had been rather useful lately, especially against other Shadow Pokémon. And they certainly were strong in battle.  They fought hard and obeyed without hesitation.

He then realized that those were probably the exact same justifications that Cipher was using to create Shadow Pokémon in the first place. And the last thing he'd ever want would to be compared to those goons.  Wes pulled out the Pokeball containing the Hitmontop he just snagged and placed it in the Relic Stone.


And nothing happened.  "Umm...  We might have an issue."  Wes tried picking the ball up and putting it back in again. Still nothing.  "Are we sure this is the right one?"

"Positive!"  Eagun strode forward to reexamine the stone.  "Are you sure this isn't an empty Pokeball?"  

In response, Wes released the Hitmontop into the center of the glade.  Though still wounded, the fighting type stoic and grim faced.  "Pretty sure."

"Strange, I'm certain the Relic Stone was the cause of blah blah blah…"

Rui knelt down to look closely at Hitmontop.  Its Hyper Mode had ended, but the dark aura only she could still blazed all over its body.  Her mind drifted back to when she first saw Hyper Mode, when Makuhita's aura ran wild.  

How its aura had seemed to fade after a day with Wes.

"Ah!  Wes, try an older Pokémon!"  Rui suggested as she stood back up.  


"Yeah.  Like one of the ones you snagged in Phenac!"

Perplexed, Wes pulled out another ball, this one belonging to Remoraid.  He placed the ball into the opening...

Light once again suddenly engulfed the area, centered around the Pokeball, before fading just as fast.  Wes tentatively picked up the ball.  "Come out Remoraid."  He tossed the ball in the direction of a pond on the edge of the glade.  

Remoraid disappeared under the water before they could get a good look at it.  As they waited for it to surface, another light started glowing under the surface.  As the light faded (again) a round red head poked out.


"It worked!?'  

The three humans rushed over to the pond so fast, Octillery actually ducked back in shock.

"There's no aura again!"  Rui said.  

"It must have been ready to evolve for a while."  Eagun noted.  "However, since that woman indicated that Shadow Pokémon cannot evolve it never did.  While it is always possible she was lying, it is more likely-blahblahblah..."

Wes poked the water type's head curiously.  It was harder than it looked.  "Huh.  Never seen an Octilerlly before.  Not enough water in Orre."  

Octilerlly reached up with its tentacles and wrapped around Wes's arm.  Wes jumped up in surprise, holding his arm out.

Octilerlly dangled off the bottom of Wes's arm like an oversized accessory, eyes closed in content.  "Looks like it enjoys being upside down!"  Rui noted.

"Good for you."  Wes grunted as he tried to pry the tentacles off.  "But try it on something else; you're heavier than you look."  Octillerly huffed in annoyance and plopped to the ground, crawling over to a tree and climbing that instead.  

"This seems to prove that the Relic Stone cures Shadow Pokémon!"  Eagun huffed.  "Little wonder they sought to destroy it.  It's the one thing that has a real chance at thwarting their schemes, whatever they are."  

"Right..."  Wes pointed at the two fighting types standing by each other.  "But what's the difference between Hitmontop and these two?"

"When I look at Hitmontop, I still see that dark aura around it, and it's really strong."  Rui explained.  "Remoraid's and Makuhita's auras have been getting weaker and smaller.  I bet that had something to do with it!"  

The others didn't really have much of a choice but to take her word for it.  "And what makes these auras get smaller?"  Wes asked.

Rui thought about it more a moment.  "Umm...  The power of friendship?"  Wes snorted loudly at that.  "Don't give me that!  You don't have any better ideas yourself!"  

"Yeah, but "friendship"?"  What is this, a cartoon?"  Wes chuckled.  

Before an argument broke out Eagun tapped his staff against the ground.  "Don't be so quick to dismiss Rui’s theory.  In my years of training I've seen firsthand the obstacles a strong enough bond can overcome."  He turned away from the two teens to face the purified Pokémon.  (Rui stuck her tongue out at Wes gloatingly)  "It might very well be that your innate respect for these Pokémon sparked a reaction that would not occur with those that see them only as weapons.  (Wes pinched her tongue between two fingers, not hard enough to hurt, but firm enough to keep from pulling it back.)  After all, people can affect others simply by being near them, so claiming that emotions alone would have no affect on Pokémon, especially ones under such extraordinary conditions is a bit presumptuous.  (Rui swatted at Wes's hand while he smirked at her reaction.)  Of course, all of this is conjecture on my part, so I suppose you can take it with a grain of salt."  He turned back to his young companions.  "...Is something wrong?"

Wes, hands innocuously in his pockets just shrugged.  "Right, right.  Power of friendship and all that jazz.  One of life's great mysteries."  He said while Rui glared daggers at him.  

"Humph."  Eagun sighed.  "Well whatever the case may be, I suggest trying to purify the rest of your Shadow Pokémon, just in case."  

Several attempts later, four former Shadow Pokémon stood in the center of the glade.  Tropius was resting on a sunny patch of ground.  Quilava had the scent of something and was digging at the roots of a tree to find it.  Octillerly had found another tree branch that it seemed comfy dangling from, and Hariyama was starting to doze off in their seat.

"Lo and behold, the dreaded Shadow Pokémon in all their might."  Wes noted.  "Remind me why this was a good idea again?"  He asked sarcastically, as Quilava got its head stuck between two roots.  

Rui just giggled as she hurried over and helped the fire type.  "So, just these four were purified?"  She asked.  "You didn't miss anything right?  Check all your pockets?"  Wes nodded.  "And these are the ones you've been using the most in battle too."  Rui noted as she pulled Quilava free.

"Hmm...  But if battling alone was enough to cause such changes in the Shadow Pokémon, then the ones you snagged from Cipher would likely be purification ready as well."  Eagun deduced.  "There must be something more to all this."

Rui set Quilava down.  "Say, can we finish this discussion back in town?"  She asked.  "I'm still a little worried about the rest of the villagers."

"That sounds like a good plan."  Eagun agreed.  "Come; let us return to my house."  He turned and headed down the tunnel.  

Rui picked up Plusle, who had been trying to climb Tropius's neck to get one of the fruit, and was about to follow her grandfather before she stopped.  "Will... will you be coming with us, Wes?"  She asked.  

Wes was quiet for a moment before letting out a deep, almost exasperated sigh.  "Yeah, just give me a few minutes to collect these guys."  Rui nodded and hurried after Eagun.

Wes looked around at the Pokémon that surrounded him.  When he had first snagged them as Shadow Pokémon, their status on his team had been... questionable.  At best.  Now that they were regular Pokémon again, there was only one thing left to do.  

A young Wes picked up the bowl of paint.

"Your name is Shin now!  This is a mark of our bond!"  

Wes brushed his thumb across Shin's upper face, just under their eyes.  "There now we match!"  He and the Pokémon giggled together.

Wes released Shade and Lumir from their Pokeballs.  They needed a say in this too.  "Hey guys, can you gather around for a minute?"  He addressed the Pokémon in the glade.  After a few seconds the group stood before Wes.  "Listen, the way we all met couldn't be further from normal, so I gotta start by asking.  Any of you have any issues with me being your trainer?"

The former Shadow Pokémon looked at each other, silently debating among themselves.  Hariyama looked to Shade and Lumir.  The Eeveelutions both nodded eagerly, Shade breaking into an encouraging smile.

Hariyama clapped its hands together and bowed to Wes.  "Yama!"  In a blur of motion, Quilava rushed up to Hariyama's shoulder and mimicked the bow.  "Quil!"  Tropius reached its neck out and let Wes place a hand atop its head.  Octillerly huffed again before climbing up Tropius's neck and putting a tentacle over Wes' hand.  

"Guess I'll take that as a collective yes."  Wes smirked.  "In that case, there's one thing I have to do first."  Taking his coat and gloves off, he gathered some water and dirt into a large leaf, mixing it into mud.  "Where I come from we normally use paint for this, but we'll have to make due."  He explained.  "It's a part of becoming... family."

Wes stepped up to Tropius, dabbed his thumb into the mud, and gently but firmly ran it across the bridge of her nose.  "Your name is Fleafa."  She nodded in understanding.

Next Wes painted Octillerly's face, swiping the area between his eyes and spout.  "You are Clim."  Clim tried to roll his eyes and huff again, but couldn't seem to bring himself to.  

Wes moved on to Quilava.  "You are Frahme."  Frahme smiled at his new name before sneezing at the mud that was a tad too close to his nose.

Finally Wes wiped a streak under Hariyama's eyes.  "And you are Katch."  Katch beamed at his new name.

Wes stood back to look at his Pokémon.  His new team.  Then he looked at Shade and Lumir.  Smiling in spite of himself, he knelt down and made the same marks on their faces too.

"Shade, because you protect me."  The pale haired child rubbed the mark across the Eevee's face.  "Lumir, because you guide me."  He gave Shade's sister the same mark.  

"And you never stopped..."  Wes sighed.  “One heck of a group we’ve become since then...”  

A rolling stone can still gather moss.
But only if it picks up a few nicks and scratches along the way.
Pokemon Colosseum Ch. 30
The full Chapter 30 of Pokemon Colosseum!  Wes's regular team is finally purified and we get a little peak into his way of thinking. 

Coming soon:  Another contest fic and then YukiTheEldra 's prize fic!  Keep an eye out!  
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I've been awake for the past hour tryign to remember this damn song!  Typed the whole chorus into google and lyric sites!  Got nothing!  Finally remembered that I heard it on a Pokemon AMV.  

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